Young Girls Knee High Winter Boots

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Written By Karen

My 9 year daughter needed a new pair of winter boots, as yet again she’s outgrown last year’s burgundy Clarks boots.

She does have a rather long foot for a 9 year old, being a ladies size 4.5-5, and with the kind of boots she really likes only going up to a size 2 in the juniors, it made the search quite a task.

It was a case of seeking out a pair of knee high boots, that weren’t too long or loose up the leg, and that the foot width wasn’t too narrow.

Clinkard-Brown-BootsFinally, after a few shopping trips and searches online we found these lovely deep brown leather pair from Kids at Clinks range at Charles Clinkard.

Not only are these boots made from a lovely soft durable leather, they have a sturdy sole and lovely circular pattern on the leg that my daughter adores.

Having worn these boots a couple of times, my daughter informs me that they are extremely comfortable and keep her feet and legs warm and dry. The only downside to wearing them is the fact that they are quite wide on her upper calf.

Unfortunately, that was the case with all the boots we tried, as she has very slim legs – just larger than average feet for her age.

Kids-Brown-BootsI did think of opting for ankle boots, but my little girl wanted boots up to her knees to keep her warm! (and be like Mammy!!)

So the boots are a little bit loose on the upper legs I’m afraid, but this is a small price to pay for the comfort and durability of these gorgeous brown leather boots.

These boots have since sold out, but there are some similar pretty pairs still available, and if I’m honest they seem to have had more stock in with plenty more sizes available, from when I bought my daughter’s pair.

Palermo Kids BootsShe loves the shape and colour of these Kids at Clinks Palmero tall plum boots. They are very similar to what she had last time, apart from the buckle detail at the ankle.

Just like the brown leather pair I bought her, these Palermo boots are made from a soft leather and feature an elasticated back panel, these boots would probably fit her slim legs better fit, but they weren’t available when I was looking.

My daughter also loves the fact that, although it is a chunky square heel to the boot, it is about 1.5cm in height, making her feel quite grown up. She also loves the on trend plum colour, which is quite unusual on a boot.

Mariel Star Calf BootsThe pair I fancied for my daughter were from Clark’s Boot shop! They are the Mariel Star black leather calf boot.

These boots kind of reminded me of a pair of Fly London boots I once liked. The soft durable leather with buckle and side zip, and the heavily ridged rubber sole for excellent grip.

Inside this boot is a hidden gem due to the Agion lining which keeps feet fresh. The sole features a Gloform jellyish which is duplicated in the form of a free light up keyring. (This my daughter did like!) 😉

To be honest the only reason my daughter didn’t like them was because she didn’t want a black pair of boots! So more colour choices please Clark’s.

Back to my daughter’s boots though, and they are definitely worth the extra ££’s, because the quality of the leather and the comfort of the innersole, and warmth she’ll get from them this winter will definitely be worth it.