Mens Jeans from Next

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Written By Karen

My ever growing son is now aged 14 years and is already 5ft 11″ – oh how can I feel so short and yet be almost 5ft 7″!!

Anyhow, he has now completely outgrown kidswear! I used to get away with aged 15-16 yr old stuff but he’s just too tall.

The best jeans I have found that fit him perfectly are from the mens Next range of denim wear. He’s a 28R, so as you can imagine he’s tall but thin. Although how he is, is a mystery to me as he eats constantly! 🙂

Since Christmas I have bought him 3 new pairs of jeans, an indigo skinny leg, a dark indigo ripped skinny leg and a black slim leg pair.

My very grateful son is careful to look after his clothes when he wears them as he really likes to look good in them.


He’ll mix and match the new jeans depending on what tops he’s wearing, so at least they are all getting used – although I think his favourites are the ripped jeans.

Thankfully, both the skinny legged jeans have extra stretch in them, as otherwise I don’t think he’d get them over his large feet!

The ripped pair of jeans are only torn along the knee, I know some of the jeans these days have many rips and tears in them, but he chose the simple knee tear to see how he got on with them first.

The other pair of jeans I mentioned were a slim legged black pair. My son wasn’t keen on the black pair to start with as he said they reminded him of school trousers, but having worn them with his Adidas shoes and various new tops, he thinks he looks quite “sick”! I’ve honestly been told that this is a “good thing”!!

So the addition of these new styled jeans are a real hit with him and so easy to mix and match with some new tops and and footwear I’ve recently bought him too.

Unfortunately, my 9 year daughter is catching up fast with how she wants to look (other than footy kit that is!) and has a clothing wish list to match her older brother! 😉