Navy and White Toe Cap Ballerina Pump

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Written By Karen

As I mentioned in my blog post about the gold metallic ballerina pumps, I’d fancied these leather toecap ballerina pumps at the same time.

Navy & White Toecap PumpsThey were £10.00 more expensive than the metallic gold pair, but at £25.00 still very affordable for the quality pair of shoes that they are.

At first sight I thought they were black and white and wore them as such with my patterned monochrome trousers and nobody even noticed, not even me.

However, these are navy and white toe cap ballerina pumps albeit the navy is a very dark shade of navy blue, but I do love that, plus they helped me get away with my mini fashion mishap. 😉

They fit my foot perfectly, just like my gold metallic ballet pump, the only difference between them is that this pair are made from leather and can be worn when it rains.

I haven’t had to “wear them in” either as I have not suffered any painful feet after wearing them for the day, exactly the same as when I started wearing the gold metallic pair.

What I have found with these ballerina pumps is, because they are a smart looking pair of pumps, they look equally great with a pair of tailored trousers as they do with jeans.

These shoes feature an 11mm flat heel in black to match the sole, insolia flex innersole and a cute navy mini bow across the front, finishing off with the white leather toe cap.

They’re an ideal pair of shoes to just “pop on” for the school run, shopping and general everyday footwear.

Navy White PumpThey are made from a soft yet durable leather which makes these navy and white toecap ballet pumps an ideal pair of shoes to wear throughout the Autumn season as well.

Definitely a great transitional pair of shoes to wear after the Summer sandals have been put away and before the boot wearing Winter days arrive.

So all in all, the ballerina pumps I’ve bought from Marks and Spencer have been a great comfort to my awkward and achy feet, Success!!