Ochre Brushed Knit Scarf and Bobble Hat

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Written By Karen

Adding a splash of colour to my dark winter coat is simple, I just love wearing a co-ordinating hat and scarf set.

Last year I bought myself an ochre coloured bobble hat to go with my winter coats, but I couldn’t find a matching scarf that I liked enough to buy. Thankfully I’d put it on my Christmas List for 2019 and my son managed to find me the perfect matching ochre scarf from Marks and Spencer.

M&S Ochre Winter Hat and Scarf

The brushed knit scarf from the Marks and Spencer Collection range is currently reduced to £8.75 in the Winter sale.

There is slight colour difference in the hat and scarf but not noticeably so. It could be to do with the fact that I’ve worn the ochre bobble hat all through last winter and this one!!

This scarf has a super soft feel to it, and has a subtle black grain in the weave which I love. You can tell it’s made from a soft brushed acrylic, as it keeps my neck warm and snug, whether I’m walking or watching my daughter play football.

The scarf is the perfect length for me, being about 30cms wide and 16cms long. I find some scarves too bulky when wrapped around my neck but this one sits comfortably.

When I was looking through the Marks and Spencer winter sale I also noticed some other coloured scarves and hats were on offer to and I ordered the orange bobble hat and brushed knit scarf as well.

These were also reduced by 30% down to £8.75 each. The only thing I found with the orange bobble hat is it’s bigger than my ochre one. It is a looser fit but that’s not a problem as it still keeps my head and ears warm, which is the most important thing.

M&S Collection Orange Brushed knit scarf and bobble hat

To finish off my bargain sale buys I bought a pair of black leather gloves, they are reduced from £17.50 down to £12.25. Being black they will also mix and match with either the ochre or orange winter accessories.

My old navy leather gloves from Marks and Spencer have started to become weather beaten, so I was certainly in need of a new pair.

Personally, I much prefer leather gloves to a woollen pair as they keep my hands dry as well as warm and when needed I can drive safely in leather gloves as they grip the steering wheel better.

So all in all, I now have two more colours to add to my winter accessory collection, which are both bold and bright against my dark grey and navy blue winter coats.

I’m certainly glad that I have both co-ordinating hat and scarf sets to choose from especially with the recent cold snap we’re having at the moment. I’ve felt as snug as a bug in a rug!