Tan Chelsea Boots

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Written By Karen

Something I have been meaning to buy for a while are a tan or navy pair of chelsea boots.

So on a recent shopping trip with my Mam, I came across a lovely pair of navy suede block heeeled chelsea ankle boots, which were just what I had been looking for, especially as they were only £29.50!

But then I spotted the light brown tan leather pair and fancied those as well.

tan-chelsea-ankle-bootDilemma – which pair should I get? I opted for the tan pair (which my Mam very generously bought for me as an early Christmas gift) 😉

The reason I chose the tan over the navy is simple, it was a very wet day and my thoughts turned to Wintery wet days when I wouldn’t be able to wear the navy suede pair as they would get ruined, whereas the tan leather pair could be worn whatever the weather. They are also available in black leather as well.

The other advantage of these gorgeous sturdy flat ankle boot is Marks and Spencers trademark Insolia flex sole. If you haven’t tried a pair of shoes or boots on with these soles, then you are missing out on a lot of comfortable walking.

The Insolia soles redistributes your weight from the balls of your feet, thus reducing pressure and increasing ankle stability and ensuring your foot is correctly placed within your shoe/boot. Insolia is endorsed by the UK College of Podiatry.

So not only do I get the chance to look trendy in my new boots but also my tired old feet get comfort aswell.

There are similar boots in Marks & Spencers, with different shaped toes and a heels, so there is something to suit every ladies needs.

suede-tan-ankle-bootsI really liked these suede block heel zip ankle boots, but again due to our wet British weather, I thought that I would get more wear and use our of the the tan leather pair from the M& S Collection range.

I have matched my boots with my usual jeans/jeggings combos, but I am tempted to match them with a winter floral/patterned dress and opaque tights for a change.

Both times I’ve worn these boots, my feet have felt like I’m wearing slippers.

So whether you wait for the Christmas sales or want these gorgeous boots as one of your Christmas gifts, I can honestly say they are one of the most comfortable pair of boots I own.

If I can be lucky enough in the sales, I will also be getting the navy suede pair of chelsea ankle boots, as these can be used on those crisp dry wintery days instead of the tan pair!