The Ex Girlfriend by Nicola Moriarty Book Review

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Written By Karen

If you are looking for an exciting book in the psychological suspense category, look no further than The Ex Girlfriend by Nicola Moriarty – what a page turner!

I haven’t read any of Nicola Moriarty’s work before, but it was being advertised online as a gripping thriller book. So off I popped to my local library and managed to pick up a copy.

The Ex Girlfriend by Nicola Moriarty

The book starts by slowly building up the background around the main character called Georgia by giving her a hidden secret to heighten your curiosity immediately.

When Georgia finally believes she’s found “the one” in Luke, the relationship escalates really quickly between them. I think this is due to Georgia’s age and mentality of being left behind on the shelf as all her older brothers are either married or settled.

The only downside to this new ‘relationship’ is the threat of Luke’s psycho Ex girlfriend in tow, the story seems to flow rather romantically, apart from some sinister incidents occurring in Georgia’s usually quiet lifestyle.

Luke is portrayed as a quiet, charming and romantic man yet his true colours are that of a cunning and manipulative dangerous man. Georgia discovers this after she decides to face up to his ex girlfriend, Cadence.

Not to give the story away too much, I really like the way that the author, Nicola Moriarty empowers both of the female characters, Georgia and Cadence to engage their inner strength and fight to get back at their “one true love” Luke.

Luke basically tricked and manipulated both Cadence and Georgia into becoming completely dependant on him, just so that he could exact revenge on the girls for his loss of dignity and work and subsequent income.

The twist at the end is perfect, as although Luke didn’t get exactly what he wanted and looks like he escapes from the police, the last few pages add an extra twist to ensure Luke finally gets what he deserves.

Although, I had guessed that Luke wasn’t the perfect gentlemen we were made to believe about halfway through, I’d still highly recommend this book for Nicola Moriarty’s pure writing talent making the book so realistic and believable.

Some parts I was like “No don’t believe him!” and “Can’t you see what he’s doing” especially around Cadence’s character. It was definitely one of those books that you thought, “I’ll just read one more chapter” and ended up reading the whole book!

As I said above, this is my first read by Nicola Moriarty and subsequently, I’ve ordered two more books by her. I’m hoping that “The Fifth Letter” and ” Those Other Women” are as good a read as “The Ex Girlfriend”.

Having researched a little bit about the author since reading this book, I realised that she’s the younger sister of yet another one of my favourite authors Lianne Moriarty! So obviously, amazing suspense thriller books run in this family.